Hello to all in Ultraland.

Saturday's weather was favorable for running. Sunny low 60's not too muggy.
We had 11 show up for the 3rd running of the Blanchard Mt. Ultra.  Jim Kerby
did the trail marking, a big thank-you goes out to him for with-out him we
would not had a race. Due to injuries i was not capable to mark the course
this year. Also a big thank-you goes out to Tony Covarrubias and Glenn
Tachiyama for trail sweeping. Hats off to Chris Ralph and Tom Ripley for
bringing out the water bottles and making the suggestions on Search and
Rescue for John Bandur. Skagit runners also provide the big water coolers
and the food for the aidstations. My lovely wife Sheri Ball and father
in-law manned the lookout aidstation while my longtime ultrarunning friend
Stan Nakashima helped out at the bottom aidstation at the beginning of each
loop. Several people managed to get off track on the course which is very
easy to do up there. In which case they ended up covering some bonus miles.
John Bandur ended up in South Bellingham at Pine and Cedars trailhead! Now
that's a route i would like to of been on, that country back there is
awesome. I called in the Search and Rescue and county Sheriff to conduct a
search.  He ended up getting a ride back to the start/finish around 5:45pm
which is around 5 hours later since the last aidstation.I called off the
search.  Jim Kerby was doing 4 laps for training for the Western States
Endurance Run 100 he requested that we not time him offically but let me
tell you step aside let man come through on June 24th. Another impressive
runner was a fellow who came down from Colorado, Todd Gangelhoff who only
ran 2 laps but still was the fastest 2laps of the day of 3hrs &12min. Tim
Stroh won it overall in 5hrs & 42min.
Here's the results.
Dave Dutton 33miles 6:39
Jim Kerby 1lap of 11miles, 3laps of 9 miles no time.
Jon Nevitt 22miles 6:37
John Bandur  had a grand adventure getting lost twice.
Chris Ralph 22 miles 5:30
Tom Ripley 33 miles 8:21
Tim Stroh 33 miles 5:42 winner!!!!
Todd Gangelhoff 22 miles 3:12
GlennTachiyama 33miles 7:13 trail sweep last lap
Tony Covarrubias 33 miles 7:13 trail sweep last lap
Scotty Railton 22miles 4:59

Email me if i got your time wrong.
Thanks for coming out this year lets do it again next year!!!