Board Present: Mike Lumpkin, Heather Romano, Wendy Wall, Kim Betz, Delores Sentinella, Terry Sentinella, Kevin Douglas 


Members Present: Steve Duncan, Chris Wright, Toi Wright, Bill Arnett, Ron Betz, Clancy Sheahan, Alpha Sheahan, Rob Jacobson, Scott Railton 



Mike Lumpkin resigned as President for the remainder of the year. He acknowledged how much work members had done and that we have accomplished a lot this year, including rewriting the bi-laws; treasurer, Kim Betz, has done amazing work for our club with identifying our new accountant and a lot of other work; Terry and Chris with the timing equipment and trailer; new race director for Tulip Run; helping the community with our race equipment (9 races this year) 


As VP Heather is now president and she appointed Delores as VP for the remainder of 2017 


2.  Baker Lake 50k  - Terry 

Went well; drizzle towards the end (or downpour); over 150 runners; some of the best runners in the state were there; new course PR; one of highest amount of finishers. Stan wants to take Baker Lake away from club and have NWEE take over. Terry wants to table this discussion; at some point he would like to take it over, as he does most of the work and few club members volunteer for it. Discussion to resume in 2018. 



Some outstanding expenses for Baker Lake and Skagit Flats.  

Tulip Run – made money 

Lost Lake – made money 

Run like a Girl - little profit 

Skagit Flats – made money 

Baker Lake – made money 


Balance checking $36,515.03  

Balance money market account $13,651.95 

Races since the last meeting 

Skagit Flats 

Income   $30,939.24 

Expenses   $18,485.31 

Baker Lake 

Income $10,939.45 



--Important to keep funds available just in case there is a significant operational loss, like a last minute need to refund a race. The thought is that a nonprofit should have 2 years operational expenses for emergencies. 





Friends Of The Forest donation - Monica Ochs requesting for Anacortes Community Forest Lands.  Typically, we give $500 and they give us two tickets for their auction. Many members made motions for the $500 for the donation; all present approved the $500 donation. 


MVHS XC - Kiralee Harrison, assistant coach, requesting donation of $500 to help pay for the 9 top runners in XC to participate in Nike Regional meet in Boise, ID.  In the past we have given $500; motioned by Mike, seconded by Terry; all approved.  


Calendar WTA - Glenn Tachiyama requesting donation of $500. Last year gave $150 for Lost Lake. The calendar has our name as a sponsor. Discussion for donation of $250 along with mention of  Skagit Runners, Lost Lake, and Baker Lake along with 2 race entries for each race.  Motion and second; all vote yes for the $250 donation and 4 free race entries (2 for each trial race). 




Sell old trailer - need to get lock fixed; probably worth $800 or $900; Ron and Kim will research selling price; board can give approval for sale once reasonable price is determined. 


Trailer and storage unit insurance - long discussion regarding what should be insured and how best to insure it. Action items for discussion at next meeting: 

  1. Kim will look into prices for storage unit insurance and cargo trailer insurance and contents without contents.   

  1. Anyone towing trailer should confirm that their vehicle insurance coverage extends to the trailer. 

  1. Terry will find out if our current RRCA insurance has riders for our equipment. 


Lease/Loan of club equipment - Kim talked to the accountant. Since our mission statement includes promoting health and wellness in the community, we can lend or lease our equipment and not jeopardize our nonprofit status. We need to be careful of conflict of interest situations and treating people with a relationship to the club with special treatment compared to others in the community. This would especially be true for board members so we would have to track it closely to ensure no favorable treatment.  



Meeting dates for 2018 - Jan 9, Mar 13, Jun 12, and Oct 9. Additional meetings as needed for race planning.  


Holiday gathering - confirm with Kerry for a date likely in January 2018 


Social events - We should add extra events, something quarterly. Steve is planning Oct run and Annie’s Pizza run in January. Members want to add more, but not as much as when there was monthly Fiscally Responsible Run series. 


Newsletter - Discussion of starting this up again, different from FB—using stories from people about why they run. Bill would like to get something started but needs small blurbs from club members.  


Fowl Fun Run - All planned but porta-potties. Skagit Regional Clinics is using this event for a health event for their employees and will pay the registration fee for any employee who wants to participate. We should know ahead of time what the numbers will look like for those entries. 


After adjournment of the meeting, Heather and Delores decided that Delores would once again be president and Heather would be VP from hence forth until voting in January.