Skagit Runners Minutes – April 15, 2008

Members Present: Terry Sentinella-President, Joe Tompkins-Vice President, Bill Arnett – Social Director, Rob Jacobsen-Trustee, Roar Irgens-Trustee, Kim Betz, Scotty Railton, Steve Duncan, Karen Andrews, Sue Jacobsen, Pete Haase, Jim Carson,

1. Old business –

a)Terry purchase gift card approved previously for Lana.

b)Terry also verified that a plaque will also be added to the BEHS board indicating it was provided by Skagit Runners.

2. BayView Womens Run –

Member and Race Director Karen Andrews talked about the Bayview Womens run and management of the run. They have streamlined their run to be very task oriented and how follow the rules for a RRCA and Skagit Runners Managed runs. Skagit Runners and RRCA on their website, mentioned in their brochures and poster, and will be put on their day-of-race poster.

3. Scholarship update –

We have currently received three applications, deadline is April 30th. Last year we received most of the applications the last two weeks prior to the deadline. The Committee wants to get a list of reciepients out to the schools by 5/15.

4. Tulip Run –

Terry Sentinella handed out a balance statement provided by Shawna. The run was made a good profit for the club. Joe Tompkins thanked all the members for their hard work on race day. Gift certificates were drawn by club members from an envelope. Shirts were distributed to all that didn’t get one on race day. Joe and Karen will distribute gift certificates to volunteers that were not present at the meeting. A huge thanks was given to RD Joe Tompkins, the volunteers, and our forever helpful ladies from the Bayview Womens run.

A) Items that need to be changed:

Add a registration start and end time on the registration brochures and website, like 7:30-9:15.

B) Random prizes, put a star on bib, and have registration ladies instruct participants to go find out what they have won.

C) 2-Mile Banner and 5-Mile Banner Start.

D) Look at changing the two races to the same start and finish line. Joe said he would look at this issue. Terry brought up why he thought Dean set it up this way. There will be way too many people trying to finish on the trail.

E) Look at purchasing a clock stand and better placement of the clock.

  1. 501 c 3 Committee update-
  2. Scotty talked briefly about the changes he thought that need to be made, bylaws and constitution revised. The committee members need to read over information Terry brought to the meeting from the RRCA website and the IRS website. The committee members will be Scott Railton – Chair, Karen Andrews, Terry Sentinella, Sherry Marble, Bill Arnett.

  3. Current Managed Runs:
  4. Nookachamps

    Bayview Womens Run

    Burlington Berry Dairy Days Run

    Dog Island Run

    Riley W. Johnson Memorial Run

  5. Current Owned Runs

The Tulip Run

Skagit Flats Marathon

Fowl Fun Run