Skagit Runners Minutes July 2007

Members Present: Terry Sentinella, Kim Betz, Steve Duncan, Jim Carson, Bill Arnett, Dean Taylor

1. Sedro-Woolley Records Board

a. Dean showed finished records board (still waiting on mural which will be supplied by another source)

b. Discussion of project and cost still needs to have a protective surface (ie. plexiglass), will be displayed in a somewhat protected area in stadium

c. Bill motioned for Skagit Runners to pay (not to exceed $600) toward the records board, Kim seconded, 3 yes/0 no/1 abstain

2. Burlington Records Board

a. Discussed the Burlington board need to get more info from Keefer

b. Skagit Runners agreed in the past to pay $1,500 towards the Burlington Records Board

3. Skagit Runners Jackets

a. Terry presented the opportunity to buy Skagit Runners jackets Footworx will order them at a reduced cost (passed on to the purchaser) and Skagit Runners will cover the cost of shipping and embroidery

b. Estimated cost of shipping and embroidery - $12 per jacket/Cost of jacket for purchaser - $40

c. Dean motioned to subsidize embroidery/shipping costs, Bill seconded, continued discussion about jackets, Dean amended motion to include Skagit Runners purchasing 6 extra jackets to keep in the club supplies for members to use at races, Kim seconded, 4 yes/0 no