Skagit Runners Minutes – July 15, 2008


Members Present: Terry Sentinella, Shawna Wilskey, Joe Tompkins, Cynthia Buttrey, Pete Haase, Bill Arnett, Heather & Craig Romano, Alvin Crain, Madie Crain,  Scotty Railton.


Skagit Flats:

Craig Romano will be signing & selling his new book at the expo.

Shawna has the poster 80% complete & will be able to add Craig Romano’s book signing to poster.

We still need donations for prizes. Terry will ask Jim for a list of businesses solicited last year so others can solicit without overlapping.

Cynthia will act as volunteer coordinator for the run.

Items to put on list for next year;

Pasta feed- the MVHS Wrestling Booster Club has expressed an interest in putting on a pasta feed. 

Women’s shirts will be offered nor 2009 Marathon


Fowl Fun Run: Reviewed the registration forms. Need to work on re-certification.


501 (c) 3 conversion: Scotty has put together two notebooks with information and IRS requirements. Bill volunteered to take the notebook and start entering information on the forms. RRCA web site has information to assist in obtaining 501 ©3 certification. Heather will research other clubs to see if others have gone through this same process and can give us some input.


Lost Lake 50K: Alvin & Terry recently ran trails to set a course. Was looking at the third weekend in June 2009. This date would possibly conflict with Berry Dairy Days and will possibly need to be changed.