Skagit Runners Minutes March 25, 2008

Members Present: Terri Sentinella-President, Shawna Wilskey-Treasurer, Keefer Whan, Jim Kopkowski, Rob Jacobsen-Trustee, Jim Carson, Joe Thompkins-Vice President, Cynthia Buttrey-Secretary, Bill Arnett, Roar Irgens-Trustee, Heather Romano, Alvin Crain,

Kim Betz, Randy Elde, Bill Beard-Trustee, Scotty Railton.

1. Old business

a)Terry needs to purchase gift card approved previously for Lana.

b)Terry also verified that a plaque will also be added to the BEHS board indicating it was provided by Skagit Runners.

2. Berry Dairy Days

Keifer presented a request to accept the Berry Dairy Days race as a Skagit Runners managed run in order to continue a long-standing community tradition. Burlington was not going to continue due to cost of flaggers. Kevin is willing to put on under the FootwoRx with Skagit Runners providing insurance and continuing support. Rob Jacobsen motioned to accept, Cynthia seconded. Yes-6 No-1

3. Scholarship update

We have currently received two applications, deadline is April 30th.

4. Tulip Run

Joe Thompkins gave a status report. Shirts & medals have been ordered. We have received a lot of donations. The course was ran and marked last week. Current registration 270+.

5. Appoint new Treasurer, Trustee & Membership Director-

    1. New Treasurer-Shawna Wilskey
    2. New Trustee-Bill Beard
    3. New Membership Director-Heather Romano

Bill moved to nominate as noted, Rob seconded. Yes-7 No-0

  1. Status of 501 c 4/501 c 3 change-

Bill Beard presented information he researched regarding the change to a 501 c 3. He recommended that Skagit Runners look into meeting with an attorney who specializes in this area to get more detailed information regarding the pro and con of making the switch to a 501 c 3. Bill Arnett motioned that a committee be formed to look into this further, Cynthia seconded. Yes-16 No-0