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Skagit Runners has awarded college scholarships to graduating seniors from Skagit County high schools for the past several years. In 2017 we will award 2 scholarships of $2500 each and 4 more in the amount of $1000 each. The deadline for submitting applications in 2017 is April 15, 2017.

Please review the information below and make sure that all application materials (including 2 letters of reference) are submitted before the deadline. The scholarship application is an Adobe Acrobat form. You must fill it out on the computer and then print it. Then you must mail (or hand deliver) the printed application materials to Skagit Runners. We will NOT accept the scholarship application in electronic format this year. If you have problems filling out the application on the computer, please let us know. Depending on your version of Adobe Acrobat, you may not be able to save your answers directly in the PDF file, so you may want to write your answers in a text editor and then paste them into your application when you are ready to print. Please read the instructions on the application form carefully.

The documents below are in Acrobat (PDF) format (a free Adobe Acrobat Reader is available from Adobe):

2017 Skagit Runners scholarship winners:

$2,500 - Piper Browning of Burlington-Edison
$2,500 - Olivia Farrell of Mount Vernon
$1,000 - Abigail Brown of Mount Vernon
$1,000 - Catherine Marken of Mount Vernon
$1,000 - James Parker of Anacortes
$1,000 - Juliana LeClair of Mount Vernon Christian

2016 Skagit Runners scholarship winners:

$2,500 - Morgan Harlan of Burlington-Edison
$2,500 - Emily Gard of Mount Vernon
$1,000 - Abigail Atkinson of Burlington-Edison
$1,000 - Zachary Larson of Burlington-Edison
$1,000 - Annie Strom of Mount Vernon
$1,000 - Katherine Daley of Sedro-Woolley

2015 Skagit Runners scholarship winners:

$2,500 - Trevor Derie of Anacortes
$2,500 - Sabrina Wilk of Sedro-Woolley
$1,000 - Brooke Stroosma of Mount Vernon
$1,000 - Mitchell Grant of La Conner
$1,000 - Paige Gear of Mount Vernon
$1,000 - Benjamin Drye of Burlington-Edison

2014 Skagit Runners scholarship winners:

$2,500 - Ashly Lumpkin of Mount Vernon
$2,500 - Alec Azure of La Conner
$500 - Katie Studebaker of Burlington-Edison
$500 - Rayn Joy Norton of Hill Creek Christian
$500 - Timmy Moser of Sedro-Woolley
$500 - Alyssa Ackermann of Mount Vernon Christian

2013 Skagit Runners scholarship winners:

$2,500 - Natalie Pollet of Mount Vernon
$2,500 - Kylie Terwilliger of Mount Vernon
$500 - Kyle Oliver of Mount Vernon Christian
$500 - Grace Lemly of Mount Vernon
$500 - Michaella Kahns of Burlington-Edison
$500 - Westin McKenzie of Anacortes

2012 Skagit Runners scholarship winners:

$2,500 - Catherine Miles of Anacortes
$2,500 - Petra Bethea of Sedro Woolley
$500 - Emily Bruland of La Conner
$500 - Nathan Sybrandy of La Conner
$500 - Tyler Johnson of Mount Vernon
$500 - Daniel Corona of Mount Vernon